Former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is once again training secret services in Doha



Former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is no longer a government employee. But he is still under the watchful eye of the Secret Service, thanks to the unexpected decision by ex-boss Donald Trump to grant an additional six months of protection beyond the end of his term to 13 family members and at least three people named, including Mnuchin. But this full-time security comes at a price, and the taxpayers pay the bill. After spring escapades to Jerusalem and Doha that cost Americans around $ 60,000 in hotel bills for Mnuchin’s secret service details alone, the former Trump cabinet member returned to Doha for another trip over from his final weeks as a Secret Service protégé and stayed at the St. Regis again, with hotel costs of at least $ 13,000, according to federal spending data reviewed by The Daily Beast. (Figures do not include wages, transportation costs, overtime, etc.)

Mnuchin, a multimillionaire financier, is launching an investment fund focused on the Persian Gulf region; Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund is considering partnering with the former head of the US Treasury, according to sources cited by Axios.

“[A]At any time, none of these people can refuse protection, ”retired Secret Service agent Don Mihalek told ABC News in January. In the first month after Trump left, his adult children cost taxpayers some $ 140,000 in Secret Service travel expenses, according to the nonprofit Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics watchdog in Washington.



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