Fresh off the heels of Kanye West controversy, more problems for Adidas as Simona Halep’s Romanian peer exposes the harsh reality


Sorana Cirstea explained how appearances often trump on-the-pitch accomplishments when it comes to sponsorship. Simona Halep’s compatriot says tennis still has a long way to go. She said it in terms of breaking down stereotypes in women’s football.


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World number 38 Cirstea has admitted that German sportswear company ‘Adidas’ once told her that her outward appearance matters more than her achievements. Despite recent advancements and the dynamic play of female tennis players, companies still haven’t moved on from their old-fashioned way of thinking.


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Romanian friend of Simona Halep, Cirstea shared her perspective on questionable sponsorship deals

Sorana Cirstea is a professional tennis player who excels in both singles and doubles game formats. In the singles category, she was ranked world number 21. During an exclusive podcast, Cirstea explained the questionable priority that Adidas places on the appearance of female tennis players.

Adidas had recently severed its relationship with Kanye West, following the rapper’s bizarre comments.

Tennis – French Open – Roland Garros, Paris, France – May 26, 2022 Romania’s Simona Halep waves to spectators after losing her second round match to China’s Qinwen Zheng REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Romanian tennis players, Simona Halep and Cirstea have made their country proud by winning major titles. Cirstea’s best Grand Slam performance was a run to the French Open quarter-finals in 2009.

During an exclusive podcast, Cirstea was quoted as “I remember when I signed a contract with Adidas. All the time, and considering that they thought I was good looking for an athlete, they said to me, “It’s better to be pretty and be in the top 20 than to be ugly and to be #1.”

Cirstea illustrated how marketing can be more important than performance in women’s tennis. She added that the top 20 athletes are seen everywhere. Therefore, she realized that the sponsors would think about it in numbers and quotas.


Adidas, which recently terminated Kanye West’s $1.5 billion contract, left former world No. 1 Simona Halep dry in 2018

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Tennis player Cirstea claimed that brands prioritize the physical attributes of tennis players over their game. She added that the highest paid stars are Japanese, Chinese or American.

Following a new shock, Cirstea takes the defense of Simona Halep

Halep recently tested positive for a banned substance. Halep said the news shocked her and she would never cheat in any way. Simona Halep is a moral athlete, according to tennis player Sorana Cirstea.


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Although she and Halep aren’t the closest of friends, Cirstea took to social media to attest to the former world No. 1’s honesty. She felt like Halep wouldn’t use any banned substances in her exemplary career.


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