Gucci x Adidas by Highsnobiety, Twitch ‘Channel Switcher’, McDonald’s x OfflineTV


Ashley Otah, Ayzenberg’s junior strategist, recounts the most significant trends from the past week.


Test, test. In a jiffy, Twitch trials surf the canals. The company hopes to breathe new life into what appears to be a model of the past. ‘Channel Switcher’ will allow users to quickly check different streamers. Rolling out to a select group of users, Twitch intends to take stock of success before expanding. In order to keep audiences captivated, brands need to explore integrating features that meet consumer demands and expectations.

Highsnobiety, Gucci X Adidas

Ahead of its scheduled drop, Highsnobiety released a place emphasizing the power of love and unity. Brands have worked overtime to create collaborations that resonate with a massive audience. Unfortunately, some miss the mark by casting a wide net and creating inconsistent storylines that are not meaningful for any of the niches. In a world full of half-baked takes and brands coming and going, the video confirms that there is a way to elevate two brands at once through the right partnership.


Eyes on the prize. With its focus on expansion, McDonald’s is venturing into in-app experiences such as Camp McDonald’s, which includes merchandise, free food and lower prices. Now it targets gamers with OfflineTV creators. The franchise notes the breadth of the playing field, especially since the essential facts about the video game industry of 2022 indicate that more than 215 million people from all walks of life play video games. Among these figures, three quarters of the players are over 18 years old.


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