How CNN Underscored determines which deals to cover


CNN Underscored editors understand the value of a good deal. After all, what could be better than buying the perfect sofa, or that new pair of headphones or the latest sneakers? That’s right – buy it on sale.

That’s why our Deals team scours the internet every day to bring you the best discounts direct. The items we choose to feature in our deals-focused articles, including our flagship daily deals roundup (which is produced from scratch every morning), run the gamut from an Adidas promotion across the site to a one-day sale on pressure washers at the first price drop on the latest Samsung smartphone, and each is individually vetted to make sure you’re actually getting a good price.

We employ a range of techniques and consider a variety of factors to determine if an offer is worth covering – price history checks, available discount codes, competitor prices and shipping cost among them. We also choose not to limit ourselves to a specific set of products when it comes to our coverage; whether it’s a deal on trash bags or the latest and greatest Apple product, we want you to know. Plus, our team is constantly working to secure exclusive deals for our readers directly from the brands we personally love (keep an eye out for our annual Days of Deals event).

As well as monitoring your wallet on a daily basis, the Deals team is there for you on the biggest shopping days of the year. Come Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, and every long weekend in between (Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc.), we’re putting in overtime — we’re talking 3 a.m. wake-ups and 12 a.m. shifts. hours – to ensure our readers can smartly navigate major sales events with an understanding of what is actually worth buying.

Ultimately, our editors are a group of service reporters with a passion for unearthing bargains that we ourselves would be tempted to buy, and for us, finding a bargain on a coveted item is a real thrill, because it means our readers get the best possible value on the products they need.


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