James Bond 007 Adidas sneakers go into action with No Time to Die



Do you expect me to speak? No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die … at the sight of those Adidas Ultraboost No Time to Die sneakers.


James Bond may have No time to die, but does he ever find time to run? Fortunately, these new Adidas sneakers have their name everywhere. Like, literally: the limited edition James Bond 007 x Adidas UltraBoost shoes are covered in details that nod to the world’s least secret secret agent.

Adidas is launching five sneakers based on the UltraBoost DNA and UltraBoost 20 silhouettes, in “White Tuxedo” and “Black Tuxedo” colourways (although “tuxedo“is Americanism – James Bond would call his black tie a tuxedo, thank you very much). all the movies in the series printed on an insole.

Some of the shoes nod to the villains of the series, including the villains who annoy Bond Spectrum and Safin from the upcoming new movie No Time to Die.

There is a long list of brands Bond has been associated with over the years, from Aston Martin Cars and Omega watches to more recent additions like Brioni, Sunspel and Tom Ford couture. We can’t exactly see Sean Connery or Roger Moore in Adidas kicks, but Daniel Craig actually wore a pair of Adidas Gazelle 2 sneakers in the workout scenes of Fall from the sky. If M can order him to trade vodka martinis for Heineken, then anything is possible.

Adidas sneakers celebrate the story of Britain’s greatest spy.


Delayed for a year by the COVID pandemic, No Time to Die is expected to open in the UK on September 30 and in the US on October 8. The 007 x Adidas shoes will be on sale via Adidas Designers Club on September 17, then on general sale on September 24. They will each cost $ 200.

Bond shoes might be understated enough for a gentleman spy, but they aren’t as fun as The crazy people of Reebok Jurassic Park
and ghostbusters sneakers.

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