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Lake Charles’ Got Talent: Today’s event pairs local celebrities with Barbe Bluebelles

Posted at 11:01 a.m. on Saturday, August 13, 2022

The original “Lake Charles’ Got Talent” event is back for the second year. The fun community fundraiser puts ten teams on stage at the Burton Coliseum to compete for votes on Saturday, August 13 starting at 6 p.m.

The teams are made up of a Bluebell Beard and a local celebrity, who may or may not have the happy feet and stage savvy that could trump some sort of Simon Cowell. Of course, that adds to the fun.

Last year’s live auction items were phenomenal, according to Barbe Bluebelles manager and trainer Diedra Fitzgerald. This year they are even better.

“We have a Kobe Bryant autographed Adidas hat in a custom case and other sports memorabilia, trips to the Mexican Riviera and Costa Rica and the largest LSU painting commissioned by Eddie Morman.”

“I asked Eddie what was the greatest LSU painting he’s ever painted so far,” said Ryan Chesson, one of the auction’s organizers. “When he told me, I asked him to make one for the Barbe Bluebelles fundraiser as well. So we will be auctioning off this 48ft by 60ft Eddie Morman LSU oil painting on Saturday night.

Participants will also raise funds by tasting jambalaya, beer, wine and cocktails.

Chesson hinted at an appearance by a well-known singing celebrity, but did not spill the wick.

Voting is done in dollars and at the end of the night, an audience choice winner will be selected.

“Proceeds go to Barbe Bluebells, the Barbe dance team. The event is hosted by the non-profit Beard Booster Club,” Fitzgerald explained.

She said it was last year’s Lake Charles Got Talent event that allowed the Barbe Bluebelles to compete on a level playing field with other dance teams nationally.

“We were able to get professionals to consult with our dancers and our costumes were top of the line,” she said. “We want the title next year.”


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