Mini adidas Superstar LEGO launched as last gift with purchase



The latest collaboration between the LEGO Group and adidas kicks off later this week, with the arrival of the brick-built Superstar Originals on July 1. will be available on some orders. Get full details on the new LEGO mini adidas Superstar set below and how to add it to your collection.

LEGO launches new mini adidas Superstar

Earlier this month, we got our first look at the latest collaboration between the LEGO Group and adidas, delivering the very first pair of brick shoes for sneaker fans and fans to assemble. But now it looks like the foray into streetwear doesn’t end there, as another take on the iconic shoe will launch later this week.

Arriving as a 92-piece miniature creation, the new adidas Originals Superstar Mini set debuts as an upcoming limited-edition set, as detailed in the July 2021 LEGO timeline. It primarily assembles a single of the sneakers from most of the included bricks in which stacks up to an inverted color scheme compared to the larger version. Its black design pairs with white accents with some additional sticker details and a themed box.

More interestingly, the LEGO group also includes a small shoe box Figure complete with mic and boom box to really get into the streetwear hype.

Mark Limited Edition LEGO Gift With Purchase

Those looking to add this small-scale creation to their collections won’t have too much time to wait, with the adidas Originals Superstar LEGO mini set debuting alongside its larger counterpart on July 1. builds, this one will be a gift with purchase on some orders.

The good news is, you don’t have to buy the adidas Originals 731-piece Superstar to get the miniature version because all purchase is complete. $ 85 will lock the limited edition giveaway. Although on the other hand, the bad news is that those who pick up the full-size brick kicks will have to stuff their carts with another set in order to reach that threshold.

This promotion is scheduled to start July 1 and will run until July 14 or when supplies run out. If any of the other recent gifts purchased from the LEGO Group were any indication, the LEGO mini Adidas Superstar set will likely sell out well before that time expires. So if you’re hoping to bring this limited edition version to your collection, it’s best to lock in an order as soon as possible.

9to5Toys point of view:

All in all, this could be one of the best LEGO promotions in a long time. While some of the holiday kits from last year were pretty exciting and worth picking up, there really hasn’t been a giveaway that makes me want to hit the minimum purchase since the set. Amelia Earhart Tribute. Especially when you consider that it is available on all designs and not just the bigger pair of brick adidas shoes.

Let’s just hope the LEGO Group has learned from their past mistakes with promotional sets and it won’t be a problem trying to get one on July 1. Do you find the new LEGO adidas to be a compelling enough gift to hit the threshold? Let us know in the comments below.

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