Stagwell (STGW) Digital-First Creative Agency Code and Theory Launches Industry’s First Holistic Inclusive Design and Marketing Strategy Discipline


Kirstyn Nimmoan award-winning social impact strategist behind the White House-recognized #IAmAMan campaign for criminal sanction reform, the Nestlé Purina partnership that opened the first pet-friendly domestic violence shelters in New York and launched the Anthem Award Winning Yahoo Allyship Pledge to provide education about the Black experience in America and more, will serve as group director.

Nimmo’s 14 years of social impact expertise will be applied to existing code and theory workflows across the agency, enhancing an already strong set of digital-focused deliverables. She is responsible for building a diverse team of creatives, strategists, and technologists to ensure that every agency production is inclusive from the ground up; help brands resonate with today’s diverse consumers and increase employee retention. To date, the agency has delivered breakthrough results while amassing an impressive body of inclusive work with The Washington Commanders, Con Edison, Adidas, National Council on Aging, and Johnson & Johnson, to name a few.

Diverse consumers are transforming the mainstream in the United States; representing the most dynamic and fastest growing segment of the US consumer economy and a multi-trillion dollar opportunity for brands. For Code and Theory, demand has never been greater as customers actively seek knowledge and expertise in this area.

“Over a decade ago, it was exciting to see the industry recognize the importance of diversity and multicultural marketing, but modern consumers demand more than that,” says Nimmo. “The pandemic and recent racial justice movements have led to collective and individual shifts in identity, agency and responsibility. These events have set the stage for an increased focus on inclusion, where brands can honor the intersectional identities of consumers. Brands have the opportunity to evolve and accurately reflect the complexities of our culture and we are proud to answer that call.”

“ID&M’s goal is to approach inclusivity the same way we’ve approached digital transformation for decades, which is to connect the dots for consumers and brands at every point of contact”, declares Dan GardnerFounder and Executive Chairman of Code and Theory, “I am beyond thrilled to have Kirstyn join Code and Theory. Brands that want to tap into this huge market opportunity and realize a strong return on investment – a return on inclusion – will benefit from her expertise. on how to authentically embrace inclusion as a strategy, not a tactic, in all areas of their business, including marketing and communications.”

The imposition of discipline aligns with the agency’s commitment to being an anti-racism company. In 2021, Code and Theory hired its first Chief Diversity Officer, Renée Miller, and has since developed its 5% Shifts framework, which requires the agency to continually review progress against all of their DEI commitments, and helps customers to make real changes that result in measurable change.

“At Code and Theory, we knew that an ongoing commitment to developing a racially and ethnically diverse workforce of varying ages and identities would continually expand our ability to bring cutting-edge intersectional thinking to our clients that transforms activities and impacts on our clients services, platforms and campaign ecosystems. By placing inclusion at the heart of our agency, it has become a clear focus of our work, giving birth to this new ID&M discipline.” added Renée Miller, Director of Diversity, Code and Theory.

As part of the effort to evolve the brand, the ID&M discipline has created Words up, an industry writing guide aimed at bringing inclusive discourse and collaboration around language. Nimmo adds: “As marketers and builders rooted in digital spaces, we help customers reach people everywhere, and it’s essential that the language resonates in the right way, in the right places. When brands use inclusive language, they invite communities to, grow their audience and create brand love with consumers they may not have recognized in the past.” Additionally, Nimmo and the ID&M team have created a Linkedin group and Discord channel for creative and brand professionals to further collaborate, share resources and knowledge in real time.

To learn more about the Inclusive Marketing and Design discipline of Code and Theory, please visit here.

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To access the first edition of Words upplease visit here.

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