The first virtual influencer made in Thailand debuts



The first virtual influencer made in Thailand debuts

Human AI Ailyn takes digital marketing to a new level

AI Ailynn, a virtual influencer created by SIA Bangkok Co. (Photo by SIA Bangkok Instagram)

She poses. She is chatting. She inspires you to buy things you never thought you needed. And she doesn’t ask for anything in return.

Meet AI Ailyn, Thailand’s first metaverse human created by SIA Bangkok, who describes themselves as a ‘virtual influence agency’.

According to the company’s website, AI Ailyn is 21 years old and 165cm tall.

Few other details are available about her, but according to the company’s website, AI Ailyn has the rare AB blood type. She has a cool character and is full of self-confidence.

Like all members of Generation Z, she is down-to-earth and outgoing, daring to explore the unknown.

Its arrival on the local scene comes at a time when digital advertising is booming, to the detriment of most other traditional media, and SIA is hoping to capture the interest of brands looking to stand out from the crowd.

Billings for digital advertising rose 8% last year to 21 billion baht and are expected to rise another 11% this year to 23.3 billion. A breakdown by segment showed that influencer-related billings were 9% or 2.1 billion baht, just behind Facebook and YouTube.

Virtual influencers are a global trend in influencer marketing.

Lu Do Magalu is considered the most famous virtual influencer in the world. She made her first YouTube appearance in 2009 to promote iBlogTV on behalf of Luiza magazine.

She has been active in unboxing videos, product reviews, and many other activities on her social media accounts. She also lent a hand to Adidas to boost consumer engagement.

Currently, Lu Do Magalu has 5.5 million followers on Instagram and 4.2 million subscribers on TikTok.



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